By pledging to the Making of the Most Influential Blind People Docufilm your pledge earns you access to the Strong Champions Private Meetings giving you an opportunity meet high perfomance professionals and to discuss new opportunities and industry trends. Includes shoutout on our Instagram (@eventhoughimblind & @mostinfluentialblindpeoplefilm) to publicly say thank you for helping us on our quest! Also Includes access to the Strong Champions Network Meetings from Feb 1st -28th 2023. Our goal is 1500 pledges by Feb 28th to meet the production schedule. Be part of making change and human history! Synopsis The Most Influential Blind People Docufilm is at the forefront of exploring, strengthening a culture of progressive ideas, leadership and diversity. There are particular facets of the film you will identify with as the blind personalities experience genuine interest and passion for the achievement. The essential important piece of the film is the personalities, their stories, attitudes, actions, how they clearly demonstrate with vivid ideas their purpose specifically and fleshed-out. Experience the personalities living dreams, resulting in events, business deals, intertwined with intercultural experiences . Showing them on and off the cameras. Get innermost and learn what shapes them. See them balancing the demands of their careers and their process. Watch their dogmatic demeanour in a fascinating social matrix that draws the viewer to bond with their stories. Each segment of the film will have portions devoted to different segments of the personalities around their vision, minds and motifs. Our goal is to position the personalities for high-visibility industries such as sponsorship, tv, film, entertainment, advertising, fashion, sales, marketing, and the media. The personalities narrate successes, and situations that they encounter…and most importantly how they deal with those experiences.

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The team we have assembled has already made beautiful work together. This year alone we have filmed two feature length films!  


Goddest Thrailkill

Mirranda Williams

Cazerny Bussey

Ariana Dewberry

Big Boi Saint

J. Breezy 

Bryan Velasquez


Executive Producer           Cazerny Bussey 

Writer Producer                 Johnny Torres

Director                               Eddie Nelson 

Production                          B Major Enterprise 

Sound                                  Eddie Nelson Film Company 

Human Rights Consultant      Safwan Bey 


Total Goal: $50,000

Development Costs                            $2000

Producer Unit                                      $2500

Director & Staff                                   $2500

Cast                                                       $5000

Travel & Living                                $15,856.49                                               

TOTAL ABOVE THE LINE                       $27,856.49


Production Staff                                   $6000

& Equipment

Visual Effects - Post                              $500

TOTAL PRODUCTION                                    $6,500


Film Editing                                             $5000

Music                                                        $1500

TOTAL POST PRODUCTION                         $6,500


Publicity                                                   $2285.87

Legal & Accounting                                $2285.87

General Expense                                    $2285.87

Insurance/ Screening                            $2285.87

TOTAL OTHER                                            $9,143.51

All pledges will go directly toward this budget, starting with production (talent, locations, meals, sound, and equipment). Budget category numbers are currently based on estimates and quotes for 4 filming days. Funds used across departments may vary, however, all funding will be used directly for The Most  Influential Blind People DocuFilm..

We would love to have you join our team and  to break down barriers in the entertainment field for marginalized communities.  We appreciate your support!


Thanks and best wishes!


Completion of funding:  August 5th 

Start of Preproduction:   June 2nd

Shooting date:                  August 15th