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ETIB Even Though Im Blind is a 501 (c)3 Non For Profit Registered Company.  Etib is the leading global voice of blind and visually impaired. Reporting on exceptional personalities,  products, services and experiences for students and consumers, ETIB leverages print, digital and social channels as well as custom event experiences to promote an extraordinary life.
Our community is empowered to be equity that transforms vision into practice.
Our mission is to continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty. We work side by side with organisations and individuals to raise awareness to a global reach.

We create a voice for legally blind and visually impaired creatives that want to target audiences with their views. Not just for the blind but throughout the Diaspora.

ETIB is the brand for the blind and visually impaired that inspires the world.

ETIB & B MAJOR ENTERPRISES to aire behind the scenes of The Most Influential Blind People Docu Film & Events

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The voices of the blind and visually impaired are amplified through these short stories, prepare yourself for a explicit listening experience that is going to give you a unique view of the world through the eyes of the blind!!!

Is being a blind mother any different from being a sighted mother?

Is being a blind mother any different from being a sighted mother?

is being a blind mother any different from being a sighted mother? Article: Is being a blind mother any different from being a sighted mother? During this panel we will be having some girl talk and insightful discussions! Having recently exited the cited world, the aspect of parenting without sight was a whole new ballgame for professor Blindie. She often converses with other mothers about parenting, and she thought it would be great to bring these conversations to her platform and put them in front of an audience. She believes that by displaying and adding context around Blind parenting, it will break down the stereotypical boundaries and barriers that people believe blind mothers should be/are in.

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Who is Charles Powell?

Who is Charles Powell?

Charles Powell, has the unique privilege of holding A dual bachelors in criminal justice, A triple masters degree in criminal justice, and is currently working on my doctorate degree in business administration both an asset for Antero Resources Inc and an entrepreneur by nature. Charles is helping countless individuals with his skills that leverage individuals for a greater purpose and quality of life. As blind person Charles knows learning challenges and entrepreneurism inside out, and today he’ll help us understand how to craft an actionable plan, and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls of sight loss, Charles defines his blindness as a quality to gain usable results. If your thinking of pursuing a higher education or starting a business or have thought of doing so, this is an excellent story to relate and reflect to.In this episode you will learn:

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